Collin and I love Italian food. We can easily say it is our favorite type of food. Every time we travel we always make sure to have an Italian meal. Moving to Malaga and finding the best Italian restaurant was part of our priority list.

As we walked around the historic center we came across several Italian restaurants. We knew we had to start trying them to find the best one…and we did! One of our first google search when we moved was “Best Pizza near me”. I know…we just love our pizza and that’s what we were craving at the moment.

One of the top places that came up was “Terra Mia”. We decided to give it a try and woww we were hooked. Yup..just like that. First place we tried and we loved it. We don’t eat meat but when we eat pizza we don’t mess around…we eat it with meat. We ordered a Diavola pizza and a Ruccolina. Both so delicious, with the right amount of toppings and a great crust.



They hands down make the best Neapolitan pizza. Great location and very friendly staff. They have a wide variety of Italian dishes. We always order pizza but a friend did comment that there pasta was amazing as well. They have many pizza options as well vegan and vegetarian friendly options.  

Since then we have tried several Italian/Pizza places in Malaga and none of them compare to Terra Mia. It definitely is THE place to have pizza in Malaga. We 100% recommend it.

It is located Calle Molina Lario 3, 29015 Malaga, Spain.

Let me know if you get a chance to visit and which dish did you order!

Talk soon,

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