Cordoba is a city in Andalusia located East of Malaga. A city with a very unique history and architecture. It once was ruled by the Romans,  later taken over by Abd ar-Rahman I who built the Mosque between 784–786 and then again reconquered by the Christians…over the years it kept being built and expanded by different leaders. It is a beautiful city with cobblestone streets, gardens and overwhelming amount of religious history.

We went in January, the day we decided to go was so much colder than in Malaga. We wished we had a few more layers of clothes on. So keep that in mind when visiting.

How to get to Cordoba?

If you plan on going from Malaga you can rent a car or go by bus. Either way once you get there you won’t need a car because it is easy to walk to the different historic sites. All the monuments are very close to each other. We usually rent cars online here ( and pick them up at the train station. We have had great experiences with HERTZ. The car rental for the day came to 65€. If you decide to take a bus it will be around 25€ per person round trip, we were 3 people so it made more sense to rent a car.

Things to do

The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

Is one the most breathtaking monuments in Spain. A place filled with history and different architecture. It is a Cathedral inside a Mosque. In mid 6th century The San Vicente Basilica was built by the Visigoths and it was then in the 8th century when the mosque was built in the same spot by Abd ar-Rahman I. At one point in time it was shared by both the Christian and Muslim community.

Over the years it was enlarged several times by its leaders at the time. Once you walk in you get to experience the famous white and red striped arches and as you wander around you see all the different details from different eras.

To this day you can’t purchase tickets online. We purchased tickets and the entrance without an issue, it was quick and easy. The cost is 10 euros per ticket. If you want to visit the bell tower its 2 euros. You can also visit before official opening between 8:30 am and 9:30 am for free entry.

Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs

It was both a fortress and a palace. You will see the changes that happened in Cordoba over the years. It has breathtaking gardens and courtyards to walk around and enjoy. Don’t forget to visit the basement where you can see the moorish baths also check out the Room of Mosaics. The Room of Mosaics has Roman mosaics from 2nd and 3rd centuries that were discovered during construction. However, the part I enjoyed the most was its magnificent backyard gardens, the fountains, and perfectly cut hedges to the trees.
Entrance: 4,50 Euro. Children under 14 it’s FREE.

Patios de los Naranjos

Over the years this courtyard has changed and has been improved. In the Islamic time it used to be an area for public activities such as justice purposes. It is now an enclosed area surrounded by orange trees outside the Cathedral, a great place to see before starting your visit of the Mezquita. No tickets or entry fee required.

The Roman Bridge

Built in the 1st century A.D. over the Guadalquivir River during the time of Augustus. Since then it has been rebuilt many times. At one end of the bridge sits the Calahorra Tower, a defensive tower which can also be visited. Also, if you are a Game of Thrones fan you will want to go check it out. It was featured in season 5.

Calleja de Las Flores

A very popular narrow alley near La Mezquita, known for the hanging planters on each sides. I was actually a bit disappointed, I was expecting more. Maybe we didn’t go at the right time of the year. There wasn’t that many flowers like I had read prior to going.

Puerta del Puente

This door was once one of the main entrances to Cordoba. It is located right across the Roman Bridge. It is another historic monument you can walk by as you check out the bridge. Remodeled in 2007 and then the area around it was remodeled in 2011.


We were able to check all of these spots in one day. I would say 2 days is more than enough time to visit Cordoba and all its monuments. It is a beautiful city with so much history. Hope you enjoyed this post. If you have been to Cordoba and we missed something let me know in the comments. Will love to visit them next time we go!

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