Planning a wedding can be stressful, lots of planning involved and an extensive process. When we started planning our wedding we didn’t realize how big of a task it was. We had to take care of the flowers, DJ, celebrant, decor, dresses, suits and much more. We can’t leave out the fact that you feel like you need to make everyone around you happy.

When it all started…the day we got engaged!

Planning your wedding should be the most amazing time in your life, a process that you should be able to enjoy. I started talking to friends and acquaintances about what it was like planning a wedding. Girls were expressing to me that it was not what they had initially thought. A few said they did not enjoy the process. Friends said that at the end the cost was so high. Its different for everyone, some people truly have an amazing time and fully enjoy the process.

Collin and I started contemplating the idea of eloping. I truly was not enjoying the process. What I wanted was a breathtaking wedding, and a process I could enjoy. When I couldn’t have both of these I realised at the end of the day, all I wanted was to marry my best friend.

Alex, my friend had decided to elope in India and after coming back she said she wouldn’t have done it any other way. This is what she had to say about it:

“It all started with a diamond and I said yes. We dreamed of getting married but never planned to elope. My husband and I are simple people and we live an unorthodox life. Having more memories than possessions and more stamps on our passports than furniture in our house, it just made sense to get hitched somewhere foreign. He proposed in November and we had already planned to go to India mid January and that was it. We told our family that we would be getting married in Goa.

We were very excited to live this unique moment in a place so far from home and we didn’t regret it. Having only us two in the ceremony made it so much more intimate and almost surreal. There was something holy about this experience, to proclaim those vows to each other and not to other people in the audience was the strongest feeling I’ve ever experience. A union is made of two persons and eloping emphasizes this union that is meant to be made.

It’s almost like a spiritual ritual to be lived only with your mate and it is for sure a moment that will forever be engrave in our memory.“

Alexandrine Pierre (Find her on Instagram at la_bourgeoisie_boheme)

That’s when Collin and I said “well let’s really consider this option”. We started searching online how to do this, are there companies that organize elopements?

We found several companies that do this but…are they real or could this be a scam? How nice will it be at the end. We would have zero control over it by being in a different country.

We decided to go ahead and read reviews and ended up emailing different companies. These companies have different packages. There are basic packages that cover only celebrant and photographer. Depending on your budget, they also offer more elaborate packages: a photographer (for longer hours), fancy car to drive you around, champagne, videographer, hair & makeup and much more.

We ended up deciding to go ahead with a company called Love Gracefully. They offer their services in several cities in Spain. Even the possibility of getting married in other countries like France.

Locations available by Love Gracefully

We had now settled on a company and location. We had decided to get married in beautiful Barcelona, Spain and Love Gracefully was going to take care of everything. First, they emailed us all the info about the process and how everything was going to take place. Then, they emailed us a questionnaire to fill out. It had questions about us, what we liked about each other and our relationship. They needed this to get to know us and write the ceremony speech. A few weeks later they sent us what they had written and OMG, it was beautiful. I remember sitting on the couch at home reading it with tears in my eyes. The script was so personalized and unique. They gave us an opportunity to make changes to it if we wanted but we were pleased with it. 

We couldn’t believe we went from being 1 year away from our wedding to only a month away. Everything was happening so quick. No stress or running around. I got my dress, Collin got his suit. Great experiences with both companies we dealt with.

The day I bought my dress

I didn’t want to use their hair and makeup services so that meant I had to organize that myself. I ended up finding out that the lady that used to do my eyebrows and makeup when I was younger back in Venezuela was now living in Spain, not only in Spain but in Barcelona. So crazy! She was still doing makeup so she was totally on board with doing mine for the wedding. She recommended someone to do my hair who was from Venezuela as well. I felt I had a little bit of home with me.

A week before leaving to Spain they sent us an email with their phone numbers and all the details about that day. We were still nervous, we were so far and didn’t have much control. Once we arrived in Spain we realized everything seem to be going so smooth it was shocking. We received an email the day of the wedding. They wanted to know if we were still getting married. What? Of course we are! They were not sure because we weren’t calling them asking 1000 questions. That was a scary email! Once we emailed them, they said “Ok, perfect! We will see you guys at the Labyrinth Park of Horta at 4:45pm”. Just like that we were hours away from getting married.

That day couldn’t have been better. We woke up and decided to go see La Sagrada Familia. Which if you have never been to, you have to go it is breathtaking and absolutely beautiful.

Enjoyed this view while having some freshly squeezed orange juice

Came back to our hotel room, grabbed lunch, coffee and took a nap.

Having some Venezuelan food for lunch the day of the wedding

Hair and makeup arrived at the hotel room around 2pm. I had to kick Collin out of the room so that he wouldn’t be there for the process. At the end of the day I still wanted to surprise him! My hair and makeup turned out great, I loved it.

All ready to marry my best friend

Collin came upstairs to get changed and shortly after so did I. He then waited for me downstairs while I finished getting ready. It was such an emotional, exciting and beautiful moment. I was getting married. Crazy! I couldn’t believe it.

I loved my dress, hair and makeup!!

We took a taxi to the Labyrinth Park of Horta and the celebrant, photographer and videographer were waiting for us. They introduced themselves, handed me my bouquet and shortly after we were off to get married. When we got to the location our jaws dropped, this location was perfect, romantic, so much greenery and didn’t have any tourists which was our worry.

On our way to the ceremony.

How was the ceremony?

The ceremony took about 30 min, it was everything we wanted and more. Love gracefully had arranged a bottle of champagne, we popped it and toasted to our marriage. We then went ahead with the photographer and videographer for 3 hours to take pictures.

Our photographer Miriam and videographer Cesar were absolutely amazing. Very knowledgeable, both guided us throughout the photoshoot and video. They complemented each other very well. Both knew the area so they knew which spots were great for pictures. Miriam and Cesar were both friendly, polite and most important fun.

Miriam was able to send us our pictures within 2 weeks and the video took about 3 weeks. Both totally worth the wait. They turned out absolutely beautiful.

Final thoughts on eloping?

Our overall experience was wonderful. Everything came together with only 2 months before the wedding. We are pleased and happy we made the decision to elope in Barcelona. If you are looking for a stress free, much more economical and breathtaking wedding I would absolutely recommend at least considering this option! Being there only the 2 of us truly made our wedding day 100% about us. 



Eloping company: Love Gracefully.  Website:

Photographer: Miriam.  Website:

Videographer: Cesar.  Website:


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