1.Tell us about yourself…
Bec and Lloyd 🙂

Lloyd grew up in Sydney and I grew up in England and moved to Sydney when I was 16. We met 7 years ago and got married in 2018. We also moved to Macau in Jan 2018 for Lloyds job!

We love planning trips, beach walks, coffee coffee coffee, sitting in cafes for hours talking about life, the beach, the ocean, renovating is a passions of ours too, we have renovated 4 properties and have grand plans for our Sydney house on the northern beaches one day! We love eating out and trying new restaurants, exploring new places, like we will spend a day walking the city or town to get our bearings!

We like to exercise outdoors, run and cycle but lately we have been getting into hiking. Would love to get into diving while we are in Asia!

2.What do you do for a living? What did you use to do back home?
Lloyd works in sales and I am a primary school teacher. He works for the same company in Macau as he did in Australia. I currently am trying to get work in schools but proving difficult while I’m attached to his visa. I’m still working out what to do but leaning towards some type of study, maybe even Mandarin. While I’m waiting there are volunteer options and I can tutor.

3.Something you wish you knew before moving abroad? and how not knowing this has affected you?
We really tried to think of something for this one but all we can think of is language! We wish we had learned the language because I think it gives you a real advantage. In saying that we still want to do this and it hasn’t been to much of a problem.

4.What has been your best outcome regarding your move?
For us, moving from Australia to Asia it has been the distance to other countries, seeing so many cultures and the different ways of living!

5.If we visit your current country what is the one thing we have to do or eat?
You have to try a Portuguese tart from Lord Stow’s Bakery!

6.How are locals where you currently live? Is it easy to make friends?
For Lloyd yes it was easy through his work connections. For me it was harder so I joined the ILCM (international ladies club of Macau) they are an awesome group of expat men and women who support the community in Macau through various charities. I went along to a coffee morning and met one person and then met 5 more. They are all amazing and interesting people.

I think when you are all away from friends and family, you become closer quicker and all support each other like family would.

7.Would you move back? and why?
Yes, we will move back to Australia eventually because we love it there, because our families and friends are there and we think it’s an amazing place to live. Best beaches in the world!

8.What’s your best advice for people considering moving abroad?
Just do it. Don’t think too much. If we had spent too long we think we would have talked ourselves out it.



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