Madrid is located in central Spain for those that don’t know. Collin has visited Madrid many times and I’ve been there once. It a busy city with a beautiful park called Retiro Park and many other must see places. Kate is a product manager who moved to Spain from England. Her story is very interesting, she has moved several times over the years and has now been settled in the beautiful city of Madrid for the past 6 years.

Here is her story:

1. Tell us about yourself 
I’m originally from Lancashire in the north west of England, although since I was 18 I’ve moved back and forth between Oxford and Spain. I’ve now been living in Madrid for almost 6 years, which is the longest I’ve lived anywhere since becoming a grown-up!

2. What do you do for a living? What did you use to do back home?
I work in publishing, as I did back in England – I initially moved to Madrid with work. I’ve managed to develop my career in Spain and learned so much. I work bilingually which is something I love – at least 50% of my day is in Spanish now.

3. Something you wish you knew before moving abroad? and how not knowing this has affected you?
This time, probably not, but the first time I moved to Spain (as part of my degree course), there were so many surprises to me! I thought I knew how to speak Spanish, but there’s nothing like learning from locals to boost your language skills. Similarly, I had thought my knowledge of Spanish culture was decent, but living in a country immerses you in its customs in such a different way – if you let it.

4. What has been your best outcome regarding your move?
It’s hard to pick just one! Living abroad opens your mind and broadens your horizons so much. Personally, meeting my boyfriend, making some great friends and developing my career have been real plus points to the move.

5. If we visit your current country what is the one thing we have to do or eat?

If you come to Madrid, you need to spend time in its bars – it will show you more about the city, and about Spanish life, than any museum! Start off with a Vermut and an aperitivo in a traditional bar, move on to wine and tapas, and get chatting to as many locals as possible! Some of my favourite tapas are ensaladilla rusa, cod fritters, and spinach croquetas.

7. Would you move back? and why?You never know what the future holds! It’s not on the cards for now though, that’s for sure. I’m happy and settled where I am.

8. What’s your best advice for people considering moving abroad?
Learn the language of the country you’re moving to. It’s the single thing that will have the biggest impact on your move. Even if you think you won’t use it much, or you’ll be working in an international company, it could make all the difference to how well you integrate. It’s so helpful to have a good grasp of the local language, and it really opens doors for you.

Go read more of Kate’s journey living in the beautiful capital of Spain ?? as well as her trips around the world @ohhellospain ?

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