Keely and I have something in common. We both decided to live in Southern Spain and absolutely love it. She went from working as a receptionist in Belgium to real estate agent in beautiful South of Spain. I knew I wanted to learn more about her story and here it is:

1. Tell us about yourself…

Hi, my name is Keely, I’m 28 years old, from Belgium and I currently live in Alicante province (South of Spain). I moved to Spain in September 2013 with my boyfriend and I can hardly believe 5 years have passed already! It was a very impulsive decision to move to Spain but I am so glad we did it! The timing was just right and we were up for the adventure! During weekends and holidays we love exploring our new home because there are so many fantastic places to visit here! ❤️

2. What do you do for a living? What did you use to do back home?

I used to work as a receptionist in a hotel at the Belgian coast, and now I work in real estate! It’s a lot more variety and great to see so many different nationalities here. I have done this job ever since I arrived in Spain 🙂

3. Something you wish you knew before moving abroad? and how not knowing this has affected you?

Not really.. But since our move was very impulsive we didn’t know much at all ? (we started to talk about moving to Spain in June 2013, and in September we were here!), we hardly spoke any Spanish apart from a few basic words… which was pretty frustrating in the beginning because you need to do some paperwork (becoming a resident, social security etc..). So basically I wish I’d studied some Spanish in Belgium just to make it more comfortable for myself to integrate.

4. What has been your best outcome regarding your move?

To be able to explore so many places, and hopefully many more to come! In the weekends, we just take the car and we try to discover the area as much as possible! Just the driving part can be amazing already, either along the sea or surrounded by beautiful landscapes, mountains, charming Spanish towns,.. and oh yeah, not to forget the amazing weather is a great advantage ☺️

5. If we visit your current country what is the one thing we have to do or eat?

There are too many places you would want to see!! But I really like the variety from a big city such as Valencia, where there are some nice tourist attractions, beautiful architecture, a charming old town, lots of shops and restaurants and just next to the beach! It’s like an All-in-one destination! And food wise, off course you need to try a good paella and some typical Spanish tapas!

6. Would you move back? and why?

Never say never! We actually said in the beginning we would stay here for min. 2 years, regardless of what happened, just to experience the time here.. And now it’s been 5 years already and we’re not planning to go back anytime soon 🙂 Why go back if you’re in a good place, right?

7. What’s your best advice for people considering moving abroad?

Just do it! Of course it’s not always that easy and all depending of your personal situation but if you’ve put your mind to it, stick with it! It’s a great adventure and you can always go back, right? My advice would definitely be to try and learn the language of your new country as much as possible before you move, which will make it so much easier to adapt!

I love to share my own experiences in Spain on instagram, have a look at my profile @keelyvndrn, hope you like it ?

Go follow Keely’s story in sunny southern Spain through her instagram. She has beautiful pictures they will make you want to move to Spain too! ?

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