One of the things we looked forward the most about moving to South of Spain was visiting all the unique and beautiful towns. It had only been a month since our move but we were ready for our first adventure.

We decided to rent a car, we had heard about this app that you can use to rent a car for the day from locals. The prices surprised us, it was very affordable. For 49 euros a day, we decided to git it a try. 

We hopped in the car and made our way to our first stop, Frigiliana. We decided to take the highway to get there. As you drive from the highway you can see the mediterranean, it’s a pretty easy drive. Next time we will most likely go along the coast.


Where is Frigiliana?

Frigiliana is located east of Malaga. It took us 50 minutes to get there. It is this beautiful, white washed village. Doors and windows painted with vibrant colours and surrounded by colourful flowers and greenery. People say it is the Santorini of South of Spain. As you walk around the town you get glimpse of the countryside and peaceful scenery.

Colorful doors and windows
Beautiful flowers all around houses

It’s a place where you can go just to walk around and appreciate were you are. Getting lost through the alleys is a must, it can be quiet and unique (depending on the time of year). Every corner you turn and every house you look at has so much beauty.

Are you wondering what can you do in Frigiliana? Well walk around and explore on your own time. There is a historic center that you go check out. I would say take a seat at a restaurant with a view and enjoy a glass of wine or a coffee. 

Mint chocolate ice cream from a cute shop called “Frigiliana chocolates artesanos”


Then we headed to Nerja, located only 7 km from Frigiliana. We were able to park close to the historic centre. We had initially planned to go to the caves in Nerja. By the time we arrived we were very tired and wanted to just sit down, have a few drinks and enjoy a nice view. We walked to El Balcon de Europa. Didn’t think much of this place. Hadn’t read much before arriving so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But…let me tell you, we were amazed. The view of the mediterranean coast line, it’s breathtaking and amazing.

Blown away by the view from El Balcon de Europa the moment we saw it. We then decided to grab a glass of wine and a coffee and enjoy time with each other and take in the view. As you can tell we get entertained with a view and a beverage.

View from El Balcon de Europa

Where to eat?

After our drink near El Balcon de Europa we then decided to walk around. We kept seeing signs for FREE TAPAS at different restaurants. After a tripadvisor search we made our way to El Pulguilla, an authentic spanish restaurant. Very busy spot, don’t be intimidated by the hassle and noisy.

It has a front area and back area. The front area is loud and there is lots going on. At this part of the restaurant they serve free tapas (of a limited menu) you do have to buy a drink. There are no seats, so you just have to stand. We decided to check out the second section to the restaurant. Just as busy and loud but you can sit down. You are not limited with tapas you pick. This section of the restaurant is filled with spaniards. Lots of locals coming in large groups for tapas. So awesome!

We enjoyed 3 tapas and decided to continue to walk around. All 3 tapas we ordered were delicious and full of flavour.

We then decided to head back. We still had about 4 hours left with the car so we decided to drive to the other side of Malaga, to Marbella. Our initial plan didn’t have Marbella but we had already rented the car. We hadn’t done any research so we decided to head to the beach and walk along the boardwalk. I tell Collin I don’t have an opinion of Marbella yet. I have to go again and walk around more. But our overall experience was good. Seems to have lots of tourist and to be quite pricey.

Marbella, walking up to the beach.

Tired and exhausted from a full day of exploring we decided to head back. Arrived in Malaga around 9pm. Had an amazing day, full or adventure, beautiful views and delicious food. We moved to Spain for days like this! For unique road trips and experiences.

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