Scrolling through IG I kept coming across the most stunning Croatian landscapes. We had already planned to go to Montenegro so why not hop to Croatia for 3 days? So, we did!


Orange roof houses

Croatia located in Southeast Europe in the Adriatic Sea. We decided to visit the southern part of Croatia…Dubrovnik. Known for Game of Thrones but more than that for its stunning Old Town and scenery. We visited this beautiful city in June. It was hot, very hot to be honest! But incredible!


We were coming from Kotor, so we decided to take a 2 ½ hours bus over. We bought the tickets online for only 18 euros, here. Depending on where you are coming from flying is always an option. If you are visiting Dubrovnik the closest airport is about a 30min drive from the Old Town.

TIP: Book a shuttle bus from the airport to the bus station ahead of time. The bus station is located near the Old Town. A cab from the airport will cost you 30-40 euros and the shuttle bus about 10 euros for two. As you can see it’s much more affordable. You can buy these tickets here.


City Walls

A must do! Don’t miss it. The Dubrovnik City Walls date back to the Middle Ages. These walls surrounding the Old Town are 2 km long, which will take about 2 hours to walk! Lots to see and different bars to stop and have a drink. Take your time and enjoy the views. You will see the Lovrijenac Fort, the charming alleys, different beaches, and courtyards. You can’t miss the incredible views.

Girl standing in front of orange roof tiled houses Many orange red roof tiled houses

View from DUbrovnik walls, port and tower
View from Dubrovnik Walls

We did the walk on our own, you can always get a guided tour to learn more.

TIP: Go prepared, try to go in the early morning or late afternoon. Bring lots of water, a hat and sunscreen (especially in the summer months).

View of orange roof tiles and Lokrum Island
View of beautiful orange roof tile houses and Lokrum Island

Fort Lovrijenac

Fort Lovrijenac is worth checking out because of the incredible views. From this side, you will get to see the City Walls and Old Town. If you are a Game of Thrones fan you will want to visit. This fort doubles as the Red Keep in King’s Landing.

Your entry fee for Fort Lovrijenac will be included in the City Walls ticket. So make sure you keep your ticket. You don’t have to do the City Walls and Fort the same day. You have 3 days to use it.

girl standing looking at view of fort
View of Fort Lovrijenac from city walls

Lokrum Island

Located in the Adriatic Sea, a quick 15 min boat ride away from Dubrovnik. To get to this island you have to take a boat from the port. You can also get there by private boat or jet skies.

Lush green courtyard
Lokrum Island

Girl standing in hallway

Lokrum island is a super lush and green island. A great place to visit to escape busy Dubrovnik. It has wildlife like rabbits, peacocks, and donkeys. It’s quite an interesting island, very regulated and nobody can stay overnight. There are set hours that boats come and go so don’t miss the last one of the day.

You can spend a day at Lokrum Island or even half a day. There are several things you can do:
~Explore Fort Royal.
~Floating in the Dead Sea.
~Enjoy the beach and the sun.
~Go hiking
~Explore the garden and wonder.

beaches around Lokrum Island
Lokrum Island
Rocky beach in Lokrum Island
Lokrum Island beach

If you are a big Game of Thrones fan (or not) you won’t want to miss Lokrum Island. You find a GOT exhibition and the Iron Throne. You can find the exhibition in the Monastery complex.

Couple sitting on iron throne-Lokrum island
Iron Throne in Lokrum Island

The price for the boat is 20 euros per person round trip.

There’s a story that says the island is cursed! So you should read more on that story if you decide to visit!

Walking the Old Town

Dubrovnik’s Old Town is remarkable. The different alleys and unique stores are worth checking out. You can take a walking tour to learn about the history of the Old Town, we didn’t do it because of lack of time. But do take the time and walk along Stradun (the Old Town’s main street).

Stradun connects two parts of the old town, it used to be a bridge but now it’s the main street. Stradun goes from Pile Gate to the Old Towns Port.

Girl standing having ice cream Alleys in the Old Town of Dubrovnik Croatia

TIP: bring a reusable water bottle. Inside the Old Town and right outside you will be able to fill it up. You will find several fountains throughout the town.

Guy filling water bottle from fountain
Lots of fountains to refill water bottles!

Kayak on the Adriatic Sea

I am so happy we decided to do this. We didn’t book it ahead of time but recommend you do, especially in the summertime. They offer different times throughout the day, we decided to go at sunset.

The sunset group was leaving at 6 pm, once you get there they help you get organized. The ticket included a sandwich or fruit and wine at the end. The tour takes about 3 hours, it was well worth it. Lots of fun, tour guides were knowledgeable and friendly.

Kayaks in front of fort  Girl smiling while in kayak

Girl Kayaking in the Adriatic Sea
Sunset view from the Adriatic Sea

Highly recommend this activity at sunset, the temperature was great. Also, the sunset from the Adriatic sea was like nothing we have seen before. It was stunning.

You can book your Kayaking adventure, here.


Dubrovnik is a city of stairs, lots of stairs. I doubt you will be able to escape them. We stayed at an Airbnb about a 10 min walk from the Old Town. It had the amazing Dubrovnik views away from the crowds.

View from house of Adriatic Sea
Airbnb View

Here the link: Studio Apartment. Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Dubrovnik is more than the location for Game of Thrones. It’s one of the most stunning cities in Europe. The views of the Adriatic Sea combined with the orange tiled roofs are spectacular.

Go to Dubrovnik and experience this heavenly city, go for at least 3-4 days! There are lots of things to see and do.

Girl standing in front of clift
Views going up to Fort Lovrijenac

Hope this list was helpful while planning your next Dubrovnik trip.

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orange roof tiled houses with overlay text-Dubrovnik   Girl in front of clift area with overlay text - Dubrovnik 3 pictures of Croatia with overlay text-Lokrum Island

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