Are you thinking about your next vacation? Maybe somewhere sunny, near the beach, beautiful and a relaxed atmosphere? Malaga is the place. Malaga is located in Spain, to be more specific on the southern coast of Spain. It is known for the crazy amount of sunny days we get.

Malaga is also known for all its museums. We have the museum of Picasso (Picasso was born in Malaga), we also have the museum of Carmen Thyssen, the Centre Pompidou and many many more.

But if you are not a museum person we have the top 5 things to do in Malaga…NO MUSEUMS INCLUDED.

  • Go up to the Gibralfaro viewpoint.

The Gibralfaro viewpoint is a must when visiting Malaga. It offers a breathtaking and beautiful view of the city. You get to see many important and classic sites of Malaga. Starting from the bullring, the beach, the port, the park and even get to see if there are any cruises in town.

It is a great spot to catch a sunset and sunrise. You can walk up through the Jardines de Puerta Oscura. Take your time walking up, the view is great even from the start.

Your way up can be a bit challenging depending on your physical condition. The entrance is free and is open 24 hours. Don’t forget to bring lots of water and comfortable clothing.



  • Rent a bike and head to Pedregalejo.

One of the things we love doing the most in Malaga is renting bikes and heading to Pedregalejo. You can rent bikes pretty much anywhere near the marina. Head to the beach and ride your bike along the shoreline. If you head east you will get to Pedregalejo. Pedregalejo is a small village not far from the historic center of Malaga – +20 minute bike ride.

This is your view the whole way…

There are lots of restaurants where you can grab lunch, tapas or just a drink. Locals go to Pedregalejo for seafood because it is cheaper then around Malagueta beach. We got the chance to eat at “El Cabra” and the food was amazing. I know there are much cheaper restaurants worth trying. The beach is very nice, it is not as crowded as Malagueta. If you find the water colder in Malagueta head to Pedregalejo, it is a bit warmer. Make sure you pack water, camera and sunscreen. You can even bring your bathing suit and jump in for a quick swim. Specially if you go on a hot day, once you get there a nice swim will be great to cool down.

Tuna tartar…delicious
Great starter…green salad!
  • Head to Malagueta beach

Enjoy the beautiful sun in Malaga as well as working on your tan. Renting an umbrella and 2 chairs is around 10 euros. Very affordable if you plan to be there all day. Lots of different restaurants around. Depending on the time of the year you will find the beach crowded (June-Sep). It is a big enough beach that there is lots of room for everyone.

You will also see ladies walking around offering massages. You can get a neck massage for as little as 10 euros. Worth it for the price.

  • Walk around – people watching

Walking around Malaga is always fun. So much beauty and places to see. You can grab tapas and do some people watching, that’s always fun. Our favourite spot to sit is on a bench right outside the church on Santa Maria street and Molina Larios. Most times you can find street performers there which are also around the city all year around. Also, another great spot is around Muelle Uno, lots of people walking around and at the same time you can see the very exclusive and luxurious cruises.

Most restaurants have an outside patio with lots of chairs and tables to sit out and enjoy the weather.

  • Go on the ferris wheel

The Noria Mirador Princess is the name of the ferris wheel in Malaga.

It is located near the marina and not far from the historic center. It is open everyday except Sundays. You get an amazing view of Malaga. You can see the marina, the cathedral, gibralfaro, different rooftop restaurants that look great to visit, the park, you can even see if any cruises are in town! It’s great.

Fares vary depending on the age. Adults pay 10 euros and kids (under 18) 7 euros. Check prices before going I believe there are group rates. The ride takes about 15 minutes and you get to go around 3 times. I recommend it, it’s a great way to see the city.

Malaga has lots to offer. It has slowly become more popular for tourists. Several cruise ships stop in the city during the week, so it becomes very lively. Best times to come is anytime between September and May when you will find it less crowded.

If you visit don’t forget to tag me on some pictures so I can see all the fun you are having!



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