Planning a trip is always so exciting and overwhelming. You are excited for all the sight seeing, the food, culture and walking around and exploring. One of the things I love about traveling is trying new food. If you are vegan, vegetarian, pescaterian or have any food restrictions you wonder what you are going to eat.

Lots of restaurants around the world these days are flexible and have options for any restrictions you have. We are mostly vegans but will be pescatarians if we have to depending on the restaurant. Trust me I don’t want to eat a salad in every restaurant we visit, so we are flexible and will have fish here and there.

Moroccan food is AMAZING, it has so much flavour and cooked with spices we don’t usually eat. Lots of dishes in Morocco have couscous as a base and are complimented with beef, chicken, fish or veggies. It is definitely something you have to try when visiting Morocco.

A few weeks ago we got the opportunity to visit Casablanca. We got to visit incredible sites like the Hassan II mosque.

Hassan II mosque
Fountain outside the mosque











If you clicked on this article it is because you are here for the food and the good restaurants. So let’s get right into it.

I’ll be sharing with you 3 great restaurant we got the chance to visit while in Casablanca. Great for vegans, vegetarians or meat eaters out there.

  •  La Sqala

This restaurant is an old fortress turned into a restaurant. Beautiful inside with lots of trees, flowers, outside concept with a fountain in the middle. It is very popular for their breakfast. They serve a variety of traditional moroccan dishes like tagines and briouates.

We ended up visiting twice, it was that good.

We went there for breakfast one day and for dinner another day. Before saying anything else let me just say the food was DELICIOUS.

Breakfast consisted of lots of carbs, but that’s ok. We got the breakfast combo which had harcha (thick pan fried bread), khlea and eggs (it looked very good but we didn’t have it, we don’t eat eggs or meat), beghrir (moroccan pancakes), stenj (moroccan doughnut, spongy and light), fruit salad and it also came with orange juice, mint tea and water.

The breakfast was heavenly lol. So filling and reasonable priced. It a popular spot a good mixed of locals and tourists.


The next time we visited was for dinner. We arrived around 7pm on a Saturday, they took us in right away we didn’t have to wait.

We decided to order a salad  (trying to be healthy), as well as briouates which are a pastry stuffed with whatever you prefer. Seafood was our choice but you can also get it with chicken or beef. For our main dish we decided to go ahead with a veggie tagine. The veggie tagine was great, full of flavour and a wide variety of veggies.

Bellow are the prices:

Goat cheese gratined 90dh

Vegetable tagine 75dh

Briouates 105dh

Seafood Briouates
Veggie Tagine

Both times we went we had great experiences, the food was amazing and the staff was attentive. We will go back next time we visit Casablanca.

  • Bondi

This restaurant is located off the beaten path. Nice atmosphere and service. Staff is very friendly and attent. We arrived late in Casablanca and by the time we got to our apartment we just wanted to pick something quick and close to us. We walked over to Bondi and they were closing. One of the staff member saw our disappointed faces and let us order food. We were so happy…and thankful! We ordered the poke bowl and the penne pasta dish to go. Both very good and flavourful. It is a nice place to enjoy some tea and even work.

We kept going back for their mint tea and flu fighter tea. I haven’t mention this but a MUST try in Morocco is their mint tea. Are you wondering what’s in it? Well it is green tea with lots of mint and sugar. It is a drink very common in Morocco. You will see people drinking at all hours of the day. They even have a technique to pouring it into the glass.

Moroccan Mint Tea
  • Veggie

It is a restaurant located very close to the previous one (Bondi). Lots of healthy and flavorful vegetarian food. Great staff and very cute spot. They serve several types of veggie burgers, falafel, soups and salads.

Chickpea burger with waffle fries

We both had burgers. Collin picked the soybean burger and I went with the chickpea burger. Both very good. I also recommend their falafel! Their salads are buffet style which is nice. Just go up and serve yourself what you prefer.

We stopped by twice during our stay and will go back next time.

Casablanca has many restaurants around and some chain restaurants as well. I challenge you get out of your comfort zone and try new food. Make sure you don’t leave Morocco without trying a tagine, a traditional moroccan breakfast and to sip on lots of mint tea.

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